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Trends from Spring 2016 Bridal Fashion Week

Apr 22, 2015

With bridal fashion week just wrapping up in NY, many new trends have graced the runway. Although wedding style never drastically changes from season to season, us designers love to infuse a couple note worthy details to our collections for...

Summer weddings picks

Apr 15, 2015

A recent engagement or shopping last minute for your upcoming summer wedding? Don't fret brides, we are here to the rescue!   We know that the pressure is laid on pretty thick to buy your dress at least 10 months before your wedding. Well...

A Spring Wedding Detox Plan

Apr 13, 2015

Over the holidays, many of us lack off on our healthy eating plans, and opt for the chocolate bunny over the kale salad at the dinner table. With summer coming up, everyone begins working on their beach bodies. If you've got an upcoming...

A Look Inside Our Factory

Apr 10, 2015

  We know China receives a negative rep in this industry, from sweatshops to third-world countries and underpaid employees.   So, you may be thinking: the KF brand is made in China, which means I'm paying x amount for a dress that's being...

An Intro to the Kelly Faetanini World

Apr 09, 2015

First of all, we want to thank you for taking the time to explore our website, and venture onto our blog. The concept of this blog is to introduce (and invite) ladies all around the world to unleash their inner bridal excitement. We plan on bringing...

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