Introducing Kelly by Kelly Faetanini

Introducing Kelly by Kelly Faetanini. Mobile Image

May 22, 2015

Running our business has been loads of fun and there are so many amazing moments that have passed, we couldn't be more proud! Of course there are always struggles and battles that come with owning your own business but somehow we always manage to solve every problem we encounter. 


One of my biggest frustrations lately has been the struggle to be accessible to brides across the country. Our core brand is carried at some of the most amazing salons across the country, but we frequently have requests from brides in areas not close to any of our salons! And that breaks my heart because there should be no reason why a bride should not be able to get her hands on a Kelly Faetanini gown. Right?!?!


So we came up with a solution (drum roll...) we have recently launched a segment collection of our brand called Kelly by Kelly Faetanini. This collection is specially designed to retail online to reach all of the brides across the country who want to be a Kelly bride, but just don't have the means or accessibility to be one! 

The Kelly by Kelly Faetanini collection retails between $1600-$2300, and will be available online and in select retail salons across the country as well. The amazing thing about the collection is that it is designed with the same incredible construction, quality and design details that make our brand so special and desirable. 

Kelly by Kelly Faetanini (left to right): Kel-16, Kel-17, Kel-2, Kel-8 Kelly by Kelly Faetanini (left to right): Kel-16, Kel-17, Kel-2, Kel-8

Kelly by Kelly Faetanini is a perfect collection for the boho chic bride seeking to have an outdoor wedding, an intimate affair or a laid back destination wedding. The collection offers modern classic designs that wear with ease, yet make a bride truly feel like a bride on her wedding day. 


Welcome to our initial online launch and we can't wait to share more of our boho chic designs in seasons to come! 


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