Wedding gown alterations...what to expect

Wedding gown alterations...what to expect

Wedding gown alterations...what to expect. Mobile Image

May 06, 2015



I've seen first hand how incredibly important finding the right seamstress to alter your wedding gown is. Not all seamstresses are created equal. Most salons will provide alteration services but if you have to venture out and find one of your own, make sure you find the right one.


1- Finding a seamstress who alters wedding gowns daily is a must!

A wedding gown is a pretty complex and difficult garment to alter so finding someone who is used to working on them every day is crucial to ensuring the fit of your gown is proper. Although your local tailor who alters your pants or your summer dresses might be amazing, don't risk it with your wedding gown. 


2- Know the basics of a fitting.

There are a couple basic rules that generally apply to all fittings that I think all brides must know. If you know these you can adequately point out a fitting issue before it becomes an issue for your "day of".


  • The waist should be the tightest point on your dress (not the top neckline!)
  • The waist acts as an anchor so when the gown is tight and fitted on your waist, there won't be any sliding down or pulling up to do.
  •  The top edge of your neckline should not be too tight.
  • Sounds ironic but if your seamstress makes the top edge near your bust too tight, that's when you get all the skin hang over and god forbid....back fat!!! \
  • Instead urge your seamstress to make your waistline tighter to act as the anchor to allow a little ease at the top edge of the dress to prevent your skin from spilling over the top. Trust me, the dress won't fall down or slip a bit as long as the waist is tight.
  • Heel height matters for the hem of your dress.
  • Make sure you choose the heels you are going to wear the day of because it will most definitely make a difference for the final length of your gown when your seamstress does your hem. The last thing you want is to be tripping on your dress as you walk down the aisle!