A Look Inside Our Factory

A Look Inside Our Factory

A Look Inside Our Factory. Mobile Image

Apr 10, 2015


We know China receives a negative rep in this industry, from sweatshops to third-world countries and underpaid employees.


So, you may be thinking: the KF brand is made in China, which means I'm paying x amount for a dress that's being manufactured in a sweatshop?

We're proud to say: that's totally wrong.


What sets us apart? What makes buying a Kelly Faetanini dress a smart, savvy, and affordable decision?

Every KF dress is created one piece at a time at our boutique sized facility. Our gowns aren't mass-produced, or marked up three times to what our seamstresses make. If you're questioning that, just take a look through our pictures. We aren't afraid to be upfront with our support of manufacturing overseas, as long as the environment is a safe and resourceful one.


Our brand is about reliability and efficiency, not decreasing women from being able to afford our dresses. We take pride in ensuring every KF employee has a safe working environment, treated with the upmost respect, and paid above fair wages to live a happy and fulfilling life. We care about our staff, and treat them like family.

The next time you're contemplating whether to purchase a dress that's not made in the U.S., click through our images. We couldn't be more proud of the Kelly team and the incredible talent and dedication they infuse into every handmade KF gown.



Kelly + the KF team