A Spring Wedding Detox Plan

A Spring Wedding Detox Plan

A Spring Wedding Detox Plan. Mobile Image

Apr 13, 2015

Over the holidays, many of us lack off on our healthy eating plans, and opt for the chocolate bunny over the kale salad at the dinner table. With summer coming up, everyone begins working on their beach bodies. If you've got an upcoming wedding, you might as well begin beach body planning now so you're ready the minute summer comes around! 


Now, you're not going to get us suggesting you cut out your coffee for green juices, or remove your daily turkey sandwich with a head of broccoli, but our few easy simple tips will have your skin glowing and your abs nice and tight in no time. 



1. Hydration is key

2 weeks before your wedding, cut out all forms of processed liquids (soda, alcohol, coffee) and stick to the basics: green juice, and water. If you're totally craving a latte, go for it, just limit them to one per day. Alcohol has the tendency to make people bloat, and soda (especially diet) doesn't do anything positive for the body. Opt for 6-8 ounces of water per day for that glowing skin you want come wedding day.


2. Swap the carbs for protein

If you're not familiar with the paleo diet, it's the diet that our ancestors followed. Who would've known our ancestors didn't have gluten-free cookies and diet coke! Unless you're a professional athlete burning 2,000 calories per day, you can easily cut down on your carb intake for a few weeks. When you're tempted to have a donut or bagel, swap the heavy carbs for an avocado, or 2 hard-boiled eggs. Avoid claiming you don't have time to make a breakfast at home, because almost every cafe (including Starbucks) has hard-boiled eggs for sale. 


3. Incorporate these flat-belly foods into your diet one month before wedding day

Swap coffee or alcohol for metabolism- boosting green tea 

Grass-fed proteins

Swap a burger bun for collard greens

Switch refined grains for quinoa, brown rice, and farro

Swap sweets for dark chocolate, and if you're really craving sugar, add a cup of raspberries on the side


We totally know these tips will have you feeling like a new person before your wedding comes. Instead of forcing yourself to endorse an unsafe diet, start planning a few months in advance, so you have lots of time to keep yourself on track before the big day.



Kelly + the KF team