1. Kelly, I adore your gowns! But I have something particular in mind. Can you customize?

Absolutely. Customization sets us apart from most other wedding dress designers. All of our gowns can be customized, to varying degrees, depending on gown style. Love Princess Grace’s sheer demure sleeves? Want a hint of skin? Illusion lace or a cutout back will create a sexy detail that won’t make guests blush. We’ll help you find the right dress to tailor to taste and can assist with available customizations!

2. Although I prefer it were not the case, my wedding must stay within budget. How much do your bridal gowns cost?

Understand completely! Our Kelly Faetanini collection retails between $2,300-$4,000. We strive to give high-quality fashion at an attainable price. Our girl does not want the same dress as everyone else. She is confident in her style and seeks us out because we will give her the freedom to put her own spin on a gown. Our bridal consultants will guide you through the possibilities. While there is an additional fee for customization, it is rare to get that level of service at our price point.

3. There’s a Kelly Faetanini trunk show coming up, two hours from where I live. Are trunk shows worth attending? Do I get to meet the designer?

For numerous reasons—absolutely worth attending! And yes, you may even meet me! Although, you will definitely get acquainted with one of the amazing bridal experts at our authorized salons. They can make an appointment for you to come in and try on our dresses that are not yet in stores. These are gowns right off the runway from New York Bridal Fashion Week.  As an added bonus, many stores offer a 10% discount during trunk show events. Well worth the drive!

4. Kelly, if you could use one word to describe your collection, what would it be?

Wow, awesome question… Let me think… Of course, romantic, chic, timeless, youthful, fun, and flirty all come to mind. But, if I can only choose one word, I’d have to say feminine. When you try on our gowns, you can feel the quality. Our corsets hold you in so you can enjoy your day. My goal is to flatter your figure. I built the dresses to accommodate curves or highlight a strong back or long neck to make sure you are comfortable on your day. It’s your wedding — you want to feel beautiful!

5. Can you elaborate?

Our aesthetic is poetry with a youthful fresh twist. We love to use lightweight fabrics, such as soft stretch silk satins, silk mikado, silk organza, tulle, and lace. We also make sure to have a range of shapes represented in each collection, including ball gowns, A-line, fit and flare, and mermaid. Our details speak for themselves. We add bling in a tasteful way. For sparkle, we use crystal beading and pearls. A whimsical element may include embroidered flowers or ostrich feathers. In 10 years, you will be able to look back and still love your dress. Trust us!

6. What sets Kelly Faetanini apart from the rest of wedding dress designers?

Trust. Definitely trust. Our team is here for every bride. Like a BFF, brides can trust that we will keep our word about everything, from design to customizations to order turnaround time. There is so much for a bride to think about; she shouldn’t have to fret over her dress. She can trust that Kelly Faetanini has that base covered!

7. When should I choose a gown? Then once I choose a Kelly Faetanini gown, how long will it take to customize?

We suggest that a bride should choose her dress at least six months before the wedding to comfortably accommodate time for alterations. We know brides are anxious to get their gowns, sooner than later! Therefore, our dedicated and talented staff will put forth every effort to further customize the dress of your dreams in a timely fashion. Generally, it takes 16 weeks to make a gown. For a rush fee, turnaround can be as quick as 4-6 weeks. Please discuss your particular needs and requests with salon staff.

8. Why does it take so long to make a Kelly Faetanini dress?

Our gowns are as special and unique as our brides, and we put as much attention into them as we would if we were sewing them for ourselves. We cut one dress at a time. We don’t stock. Rather, fabric is ordered, cut by hand, and the pattern is laid out. Six seamstresses, each specialized, work together to create your final dress. The seamstresses sew, and then hand off the gown to the beaders. Lace details are finished off by hand, then buttons are meticulously measured out and added, one at a time. 

9. Do you ever worry you will run out of design ideas?

LOL! I hope not! But a fair question, and legitimate concern for anyone in a creative field. I have designed wedding dresses my whole life and nothing makes me happier. My inspiration comes from my interests and the world around me. I love to travel, read books, observe paintings, and listen to a variety of music. Last year I was on a Shakespeare kick—quite inspirational! However, my customers are the ones that make my dresses come to life. I am truly grateful and honored to work with such wonderful brides, and to be running my own company. Both are a dream come true!

10. Where can I buy a Kelly Faetanini gown? Can I purchase my dress direct? 

While we don’t sell directly to brides, many brides and bridesmaids will be able to find a store conveniently located near them. You can see a full list of domestic US sellers here and international sellers here.

11. The closest salon near me does not have a sample of the KF gown that I want to try on. What do I do?

At Kelly Faetanini, our primary mission is to always provide the most stellar service possible. It’s something that sets us apart from other brands.  If the salon closest to you does not have the style you would like to try, don’t worry! We frequently go above and beyond to send our samples to our partnering salons to ensure our brides can see the styles they wish. Just make sure to mention the dresses you want to try with the salon, and they will further discuss the procedure with you. (Please give about two-three weeks notice, as our gowns are always traveling.) After your appointment is confirmed, feel free to shoot us an email (info@kellyfaetanini.com).  We will work with the salon to coordinate the samples for you!

12. What sizes do your dresses come in? 

Kelly Faetanini wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses come in standard and plus sizes, from 0 to 24, which is a much wider range than many designers offer. We understand that brides are different, and since customization is our forte, there is a style to compliment every shape. Choosing your wedding dress is an important fashion moment!

13. What are the three best pieces of advice you can give a bride?

First, very often I encounter brides struggling to choose a gown that their friends and family like. Everyone has different tastes, so sometimes what friends and family want to see the bride in is different than what the bride envisions herself in. Ultimately, brides should remember that they need to follow their heart and choose a gown they truly love. At the end of the day, everyone will think she looks beautiful, no matter what she chooses. Brides should always remember this.

Second, I think brides feel such pressure to make a “statement” with their wedding dress and go for the “wow” factor without being true to personal style. With my collections, I want brides to feel glamorous, but also confident and comfortable. My advice would be for a bride to stick to styles in which she feels good. When a gown feels right, there won’t be any regrets. On her wedding day, a bride should be the best version of her personal and everyday self—she should look and feel amazing!

Third, don’t judge a gown by its hanger appeal. Every gown has a unique shape, and although you may not like a certain silhouette based on the way it's hanging, I always tell my brides to try it anyway, because it might surprise them. Many gowns lack hanger appeal, but look amazing on the body. I have seen brides fall in love and say yes to a gown that they initially did not want to try on!

14. My body type is not very proportional. I'm petite with a small waist, but full hips. How would your gowns fit my body type?

No worries. During development, we try gowns on women of different body types — including our own team! — to ensure that styles are flattering for all.  And, with the many customizations we offer, this allows for the gown to be made even closer to your body type. Unlike many other designers for instance, we offer split sizing.  This means that you can select a different size top and bottom, so that the fit of your dress is closer to your size!  We also open the bust cups to provide more room on top and can produce a gown with extra length if you are taller than our standard dress measurement!

15. Do I need any special undergarments, like a strapless bra?

We want our brides to be comfortable on your special day! That’s why Kelly Faetanini gowns have features such as sewn-in bust cups and  inner structure boning, so there’s no need for any special undergarments such as strapless bras or Spanx, unless you want some additional support!

16. My bridesmaids are scattered around the country. How can they be sure they can all get the same gown? 

Even if your bridesmaids are located all over the world, there is no need to worry!  The procedure is simple. Your bridesmaids will need to have their measurements taken at their local tailor or dry cleaner.  They can then call in their measurements, pick a size and order at the store where you decide to purchase your bridesmaids gowns!  Many bridesmaids stores are familiar with this procedure, so it should be easy!  Make sure that the store places the entire bridesmaid order at the same time with us to ensure that color and dye lot match perfectly.

17. What do I do after I’ve worn my gown? Any recommendations where to have it cleaned and preserved?

Just like the memories of your wedding day, we want your dress to last forever! The best piece of advice I can offer is to make sure you go to a certified gown preservationist. While all of our fabrics may be dry cleaned, as long as the provided instructions are followed, a preservationist will ensure that extra care is taken to clean and pack your dress to last a lifetime.