At Kelly Faetanini we cultivate a set of beliefs that drive how we work, have fun, and problem solve together. Does this sound like you to a tee? No matter what position you hold at Kelly Faetanini, you will be a part of something great where everything you do has an impact on the business.



After the launch of the brand in 2012, Kelly Faetanini was named the “One to watch” by The Knot magazine as an up-and coming emerging designer. The company has gained major headway throughout the industry for offering incredibly unique designs that stay true to timeless elegance which brides around the world seek out.

Kelly Faetanini has been featured over 450 times in print and digital publications including top name publications such as Brides Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, WWD, Ritz Carlton Weddings, Inside Weddings, and many more. The brand is sold worldwide, in the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Hong Kong and is rapidly expanding to other countries.

As a young brand, Kelly Faetanini has become known in the industry for offering exceptional customer service beyond the standards of the current marketplace. Our above and beyond efforts is what has catapulted the brand to incredible growth. At Kelly Faetanini, our tight-knit staff is more like family. You’ll trust us, love us and always be treated with the utmost respect.



With a willingness to teach and an openness to learn, the world is our oyster.
Whether you’re fresh out of college or a seasoned executive, at Kelly Faetanini we expect you to go the extra mile and figure out how you can have the greatest impact in your role. We all can learn and we all can teach. Titles be diminished.

You will be part of the dream team; your voice will be heard and respected.
Respect radiates through the walls at Kelly Faetanini. It is one of our fundamental core values. Warm and upbeat vibes foster the feeling of openness that gives us the ability to unleash our true potential.

Break the glass ceiling.
Real progress only comes from real risk taking and you will achieve new levels of performance that you never thought possible. Collaborative and innovative team work in a trusting and supportive environment makes the impossible…possible.

Every day is an exciting new day filled with endless opportunities and challenges to become a better you.
We never stop learning and we are always striving to innovate, re-create and think outside of the box. We DON’T believe in the saying “you can’t reinvent the wheel.” With a positive and optimistic view, we have the power to reinvent anything.

Together, we’ll turn your great ideas into a reality.
No red tape, black tape or blue tape exists here. Collaboration runs free and with that, an idea is only as good as it’s execution. We never leave a stone unturned and being quick and agile is part of our beauty.




We work long hours/full days but have flexible “in-office” time

  • Summer Fridays
  • YOU choose the time frame that you work in office
  • Work from home options

We offer competitive salaries and benefits.

Mind over matter.
Join us for meditation sessions and other learning seminars- cost is on us! We are humble, we are teachable and we ALWAYS keep learning.




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