Pulling the trigger...

Pulling the trigger...

Pulling the trigger.... Mobile Image

May 14, 2015

I've seen it so many times, brides falling in love with 2 stunning gowns making it nearly impossible to choose one. Of course the gowns are completely different and both look amazing on the bride, so how's a girl to choose? Well let me tell you my favorite little secret that will make "pulling the trigger" a tad bit easier for you gals. 


Atica by Kelly Faetanini (left)  Zoey by Kelly Faetanini (right)

Atica by Kelly Faetanini (left)  Zoey by Kelly Faetanini (right)


At the end of the day, either dress you choose, you are going to look amazing and feel great. They key differentiator is that the dress you choose will shape the mood and look of your entire wedding. I know, it feels like a lot of pressure but don't stress!

Here's what you should do:


1) Create 2 private pinterest boards (example: Wedding Option 1 & Wedding Option 2). Upload the photos of yourself in each dress onto the 2 separate boards. 


2) Now that you have both dresses pinned on 2 separate boards, start picking your wedding flowers, cake, decor and bridesmaid dresses that would go with each wedding gown. You'll start to see that each gown will subtly change your choices on the rest of the details of the entire wedding. 


3) Once your finished, look at both wedding option boards. Remember that day when you dreamed of your wedding as a little girl? Now you'll easily be able to see which one it is!



Atica by Kelly Faetanini (left)  Zoey by Kelly Faetanini (right) Atica by Kelly Faetanini (left)  Zoey by Kelly Faetanini (right)


4) And last but not least, say yes to the dress! Remember ladies, it feels like a big decision but at the end of the day the important thing is that you are marrying your soulmate, your best friend and the love of your life. You'll look amazing on your wedding day no matter what dress you choose so don't stress!