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Kelly Faetanini Wanderlust Collection for Fall 2022

No compass would point me in any other direction but you.

The life of a designer seldom slows down, and as such, they draw inspiration from all corners of the world. Passionate about a life filled with adventure, it was during Kelly’s summer travels that she found her newest muse to her poetic whimsy. Let your imagination run wild with the captivating Kelly Faetanini Wanderlust Collection for Fall 2022 which echoes the awe-inspiring landscape of Iceland.

Iceland Inspired Wanderlust Collection for Fall 2022

The dramatic scenery of this Nordic country offers diverse physical elements from the flowing waterfalls and cave ridges to the fluid lava fields and Arctic botanical gardens. The various terrains translate exquisitely to a gown’s texture and formation. Waves of rich fabrics, rippling embellishments, lavish textures and classic shapes are at the core of each gown’s enchanting composition. These new styles replicate the captivating sense of discovering the wonders of Iceland with their unique depth and dimension.

Influenced by strong Nordic females, styles like Lilith and Mai evoke classic confidence. The bewitching flow of all over beading and embroidery of Elin elicits endless grace balanced by exquisite intricacy. Ana’s floral embroidery cascades through rich Mikado reminiscent of the mountain avens, the country’s Arctic-alpine flower. Elsie is the blue ice queen of the Wanderlust Collection with her mystical ombre tulle. More chic than simple is the clean crepe of Astrid, Galena and Daphne. At the heart of the collection is the air of a wild romance. 

As a new journey begins, the pulling of one’s heart points to their one true north. This is the very essence of the Kelly Faetanini Wanderlust Collection for Fall 2022.

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