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Matching Your Veil To Your Dress

Model wearing bridal veil and wedding dress
ROSETTA | Kelly Faetanini Amalfi Collection

The origin of the bridal veil actually dates back to Medieval times when it was worn to protect the bride from evil spirits. If they couldn’t see her—she couldn’t be cursed. It was also worn as a symbol of purity and chastity.

Did you know we create custom bridal veils for our brides? Yep! Just talk to your salon and we’ll help match the style and fabric. From beaded fingertip veils to sweeping cathedral lengths in ivory, blush, or blue, we love to help complete your bridal look. Continue reading to learn how to match your veil to your wedding dress!

Here, some of our favorite Kelly Faetanini wedding dresses with veils!

MONROE | Kelly Faetanini Marilyn Collection
BLYTHE | Kelly Faetanini Carousel Dreams

Strike A Balance

As a general rule of thumb, the more embellished your dress, the more simple your bridal veil should be. The veil should merely frame your face, not take away from the full bridal look. If your gown is clean, then opt for a veil with a little more detail–maybe one with beading!

Bride wearing blue wedding dress
Anacapri | Kelly Faetanini Amalfi Collection

Match Your Fabric & Color

Since we love to customize veils for our brides, matching is easy! Your bridal veil should coordinate with your dress, so let us help. If you’re wearing a blush gown, try a blush veil, and depending on if your dress is ivory or white, match it accordingly. An ivory dress should have an ivory veil. Just communicate with your salon and we’ll do the rest!

BELLA | Kelly Faetanini Amalfi Collection

Fit With A Hairstyle

Think about how you want to wear your hair on your wedding day when selecting your bridal veil. It can make a difference for the placement and where the veil will fall.

BRIGITTE | Kelly Faetanini Marilyn Collection
Ruby | Kelly Faetanini Marilyn Collection

Think About The Back View

Consider the length and sheerness of your veil if you’ve got an amazing back on your wedding dress. You don’t want to cover that up! While a bridal veil can add drama to the look, keep those back shots in mind with a simply sheer veil.

Short sleeve wedding dress
BARDOT | Kelly Faetanini Marilyn Collection


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