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11 Real Brides Wearing Long Sleeves

This is the long sleeve wedding dress inspiration you need today.

Bride wearing long sleeve wedding dress
Annie Ryan Photography

Pictured above: BRIGITTE

From long lace sleeves in ivory, blush, and black to chic crepe wedding dresses that cover head-to-toe, these beautiful brides wore long sleeves on their wedding day and looked totally timeless. Here are 11 real Kelly Faetanini brides who skipped the strapless and sleeveless looks on their wedding day.

Lace gown with high neck and fit-to-flare crepe skirt.

The Seawards

Crepe long sleeves wedding dress with open back.

Jamie Jaya Fletcher

Long-sleeve chantilly lace fit-to-flare with silk stretch satin skirt.

The Shepards Photography


Crepe slim fit-and-flare gown with open sleeves and asymmetrical neckline.

Abi Wedding Gown Real Bride | Kelly Faetanini
Carolina Lima Photography
The Kruks Photography

Pictured above: PORTIA gown

Beaded, embroidered long-sleeve illusion ombre ball gown with horsehair hem and pockets.

Courtney Taylor Photography

Crepe fit-to-flare gown with long sleeve and a plunging v-neckline lace bodice.

Beaded lace fit to flare gown with embroidered lace sleeves.

Brittany Bays Photography

Lace and tulle v-neck ball gown with bolero option.

NICOLETTE | Provence Collection by Kelly Faetanini
NICOLETTE | Provence Collection by Kelly Faetanini
Jade | Provence Collection by Kelly Faetanini
Simply Couture Photography

Pictured above: JADE Gown



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