10 Best Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses of 2020

When it comes to finding your wedding dress, we know you have so many options to choose from and know the bridal gown search can be, well, overwhelmingโ€”and often stressful. But that’s where we come in! Providing you with affordable (ranging between $2,300-$5,000) and classic wedding dresses via our amazing bridal retailers, we are here to help you find your dream wedding gown.

Coming to you from our most recent bridal collections, these winter-worthy, timeless with a twist wedding dresses are undeniably sexy and incredibly chic. From delicate laces to all-around romantic silhouettes, these gowns prove that coverage is chic, sophisticated and incredibly fashion-forward. Take inspiration from Meghan Markle, Princess Eugenie, and the most swoon-worthy weddings on Instagram and skip strapless and sleeveless for a look that’s both traditional and undeniably of-the-moment. Here, 10 of our most popular bridal gowns with long sleeves.

Brigitte in Ivory, Marilyn Collection

Elizabeth, Marilyn Collection

Brigitte in Blush, Marilyn Collection

Antonia, Amalfi Collection

Sophia, Marilyn Collection

Sophiaย and Elizabeth, Marilyn Collection

Brigitte in Blushย and Sophia, Marilyn Collection

Sophia, Marilyn Collection

Aurora, Carousel Collection

Aurora, Carousel Collection

Abi, Carousel Collection

Jade, Provence Collection

Jade, Provence Collection

Elisa, Provence Collection

Vivianne, Provence Collection

Photography by Nick Eucker, Sasha Erwitt, Haley Ballard



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