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Why Should I Attend A Kelly Faetanini Trunk Show?

ELIZABETH | Kelly Faetanini Marilyn Collection
Elizabeth & Brigitte | Kelly Faetanini Marilyn Collection

Question: What’s so special about a Kelly Faetanini trunk show? 

Answer: A Kelly Faetanini trunk show is a special event that happens at our exclusive bridal locations. Brides-to-be can make an appointment to come in and try on dresses that are not yet in store—usually from our most recent collection. These are gowns straight off the runway from New York Bridal Fashion Week! Also, many bridal salons don’t carry all of our dress styles throughout the year, so a trunk show is the best way to see all of our designs.

Question: Will I get to meet the designer? 

Answer: Possibly! I don’t travel as much as I used to since becoming a mom; however, I try to attend as many of our trunk shows in the North East region as I can because it’s closer to home. I’m looking forward to meeting some of our Japan brides later this Spring! Let your local Kelly Faetanini bridal retailer know if you’d like to attend a designer trunk show and we’ll see what we can do! Luckily, I have an amazing team and trunk shows lend the opportunity to work directly with a Kelly Faetanini representative who can help you find your dream wedding dress.

Question: Are there any other perks for attending a trunk show? 

Answer: One of the greatest incentives of booking an appointment during a Kelly Faetanini trunk show is that you will often have the unique opportunity to customize your Kelly Faetanini gown with the guidance of one of our reps. And an added bonus…many of our stores offer a 10% discount when you buy your gown during a trunk show. Hope to see you at our next event!

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Xoxo, Kelly



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