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12 Real Brides & Their Gorgeous Bustles

From the first dance to final portraits, this is post-nuptial bliss.

Theo Milo Photo

When it comes to the bustle on your wedding dress, it’s up to you (the bride!) to decide how you want it to look. The main two types of wedding gown bustles are American and French. Work with your bridal consultant or seamstress to determine the right look for you—and if you don’t want a bustle, leave the train long. Here, a look at some of our beautiful brides and their wedding gown bustles.

Photo: Monique Garratt Photography
Photo: Molly Quill Photography

Pictured above: ARIA gown (top header), TAMORA gown (left), SOL gown (right);

Photo: Here North
Photo: Southern Light Photography

Pictured above: EMILIA gown (left), GWENDELYN gown (right)

bride in wedding gown bustle on her first dance
Photo: Brooke Allison Photo

Pictured above: EMILIA gown

Photo: Kim Box Photography
Photo: Tiffany Kokal Photography

Pictured above: SURI gown (left), PORTIA gown (right)

Photo: Christy Nicole Photography

Pictured above: LUNA gown

Photo: Cole + Kiera Photography
Photo: Moose & Bear Photography

Pictured above: ROSALEE gown (left), JULIENNE gown (right)

Photo: True Photography

Pictured above: BREE gown



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