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10 Kelly Faetanini Real Brides & Their Wedding Dress Accessories

From classic jewelry to boleros, veils and floral crowns, our KF brides know how to style! When it comes to picking out accessories for your wedding dress, it’s always best to keep things simple — however, our breathtaking brides prove that minimal is not always to way to go. Want to wear a pink fascinator? Do it! Going for a vintage vibe? Look for a vintage-inspired hair comb or brooch to put in your hair. Thinking boho? Long live the floral crown!

Here’s a peek at some of our most jaw-dropping brides and their wedding dress accessories…

#KFbride Lisa in ARIA

 Carmela Joy Photography Carmela Joy Photography

#KFbride Mary in FLORENCE

 Iron & Honey Photography Iron & Honey Photography

#KFbride Carly in SURI

 Adrian Jon Photography Adrian Jon Photography

#KFbride Kristen in ANTOINETTE

 Farlow Photography Farlow Photography

#KFbride Vivianne in YONA

 Noel Perrone Noel Perrone

#KFbride Tessa in GINGER

 Marc Andreo Marc Andreo

#KFbride Krystle in GWENDELYN

 Apollo Fotografie Apollo Fotografie

#KFbride Tyndall in CLEO

#KFbride Lindsay in WILLOW

 Danielle Film & Photo Danielle Film & Photo

#KFbride Ryan in TAMORA

 Shasta Marie Photography Shasta Marie Photography

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