10 Business Questions for Kelly Faetanini

10 Business Questions for Kelly Faetanini. Mobile Image

Jan 21, 2020

To kick off the new year (oh heyyyy 2020!) we sat down with our fearless leader and awesome #momprenuer, Kelly, to get down to the nitty gritty of running a business. We found out exactly what makes the bridal designer tick -- like we didn't already know lol -- what motivates her, and how she balances a personal life with a family and a successful career in fashion. And, I mean, it's pretty incredible. PS. she also has some advice for her brides! Check out the "interview" below!  




  1. What's your favorite part about owning your own business? KF: I have the privilege of designing dresses for one of the most important days of a bride's life. But beyond that, I love making an impact. Its an amazing feeling to be able to make decisions and shifts in the business then see the results sometimes immediately. Its so rewarding and empowering knowing that I can truly make anything happen. #gimmeallthepower  
  2.  If you couldn't design wedding gowns, what other job would you do? KF: Ohhhh tough one. Naturally, because Im so obsessed with weddings (I <3 everything about them!) I would be a wedding planner. I am a crazy meticulous planner and organizer so I can see my skills lending themselves well. I would still get to be creative in the dreamy, romantic world of weddings.  
  3. What's the best part about being the boss?  KF: The best part about being "the boss" is getting to design my collection freely. Designing is my passion. It truly runs in my blood! To be able to unleash that inner love for design without any restrictions is the ultimate joy for me.  
  4. What's the hardest part about being a boss?  KF: Everyday is a day full of challenges. Sometimes big ones and sometimes small ones. Dealing with big issues can be really taxing and stressful because at the end of the day, its all on my shoulders. But I find that the longer Im in business, the more I actually enjoy solving problems.  I've learned to turn our challenges into opportunities and that's amazing.  
  5. How do you balance business and personal life? KF: Ive been incredibly fortunate to have a phenomenal team that has helped me grow our business. Having trust in them and knowing that they are handling their tasks has greatly impacts my work life balance. I find that building an incredible work culture where my team loves every ounce of what they do in the business gives us all balance in our work and personal life. When we love what we do, it doesnt feel like work and when we all pull our weight at work, our personal lives flourish as well.  
  6. What motivates you? KF: I like to make people happy. My family, my friends, my brides, my employees, etc. I really feel most happy when something I have done makes them feel joy. That's where I find my motivation!  
  7. How does it feel when a bride chooses your dress? KF: Sometimes I literally get butterflies and teary eyed when I see a bride in my dress, not to mention choosing it right there in front of me! What can I say, Im a sappy romantic. When I see a bride in a dress that Ive designed I'm just so honored. That moment she feels SO beautiful and you can see the joy and excitement illuminating within her to marry the love of her life in YOUR dress... its pretty amazing.  
  8. How do you picture and envision your bride? KF: Shes beautiful inside and out. Shes down to earth and kind hearted. My bride wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day and wants to feel like her best self. Shes a hopeless romantic and is classy with a little sass.  
  9. What's your greatest source of inspiration when designing a new collection?  KF: The greatest source would probably be nature and travel. There are so many incredible beautiful things in the world that it's so easy to find inspiration even by simply sitting outside in the woods (like for the Fall 2018 collection) or my Fall 2020 Collection (inspired by my trip to the Amalfi Coast).  My inspiration usually starts with the world around me and then I tie in current fashion trends and balance it with classic details.  
  10. One piece of advice you always tell your brides? KF: Stay focused on the important things when planning your weddingyou're marrying the love of your life! Your wedding day should be about you both as a couple and your families. That is the end all be all and I often find my brides losing sight of the very soul and purpose of their wedding. They get overwhelmed with all the details of planning and the decisions to be made and it breaks my heart when I see my brides stressed out while shopping for a dress. It should be a fun exciting experience so try not to let anxiety overshadow that. Remember whats most important and it will make you enjoy the process that much more!  
- xoxo, Kelly