Wedding Dress Bustle Types

Wedding Dress Bustle Types

Photo: Angelika Johns Photography

When it comes to bustling your Kelly Faetanini wedding dress, it really is a personal preference. Just like choosing THE dress! The bustle is the way your dress will lift up and be pinned in the back after the wedding ceremony so that the train of the gown does not drag all the floor all night—it makes it so you can dance like nobody’s watching! At your bridal appointment, work with your bridal consultant or a seamstress to figure out which way you like the look of best by pinning and discussing your options. There are a few different types of bustles. The two we recommend most with our wedding dresses are the French and American bustles.

Here’s an example of the Phoebe gown with both types of bustles:


American Bustle on the Phoebe Gown

The American Bustle, also called Over-Bustle, lifts up from a pick-up point half way down the train and, yep, hooks over the top of the dress itself. During alterations, your seamstress will hide three, or sometimes five (for a more dramatic feel), hooks along the center and side seams of the gown so that it holds the bottom of the dress up throughout the evening after you’ve said “I do.” It’s so beautiful how the buttons continue to fall down the center even with the bustle as the sides drape!


French Bustle on the Phoebe Gown

The French Bustle, or sometimes referred to as the Victorian Bustle or Under-Bustle, is the reverse of the American Bustle. This design technique folds underneath the back of the gown and hooks below, while still allowing the buttons to fall down the center of the gown. Often, ribbons are attached to connect and secure the fabric and can have numerous pick-up points for extra flair. (Think Belle, from Beauty and the Beast!)

Okay, so which style is your favorite? Love them both? Great! Depending on the gown you choose, one wedding dress bustle type might work better than the other. Pro tip: Make sure to bring your Maid of Honor or a bridesmaid with you to your final dress fitting so that someone knows how the bustle should be pinned for the day of the wedding.

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