What It Means To Be A Kelly Bride

What It Means To Be A Kelly Bride

What It Means To Be A Kelly Bride. Mobile Image

Feb 01, 2018

We know there are hundreds of wedding dress designers to choose from out there, so when you become a Kelly bride you become part of the Kelly Faetanini family. Yep -- as Sister Sledge would sing, "We are family!!!" [insert dancing girl emoji]. We know that sounds cheesy, but it's true.


We value the trust you've put in us to design and deliver your dream wedding dress. Proudly so, our customers tell us that we are like the Zappos of bridal. We deliver customer service with a WOW. Whether you work with us directly on a custom order or you purchase through one of our fabulous salon partners, know you're in good hands because we will do whatever it takes to make sure you're over the moon happy! We're in the business of making dreams come true, not selling wedding dresses. Mic drop


A former salon partner of ours is closing its doors and there are some brides worried that they will not receive the dress they ordered. Please don't panic! Here's a prime example of our family-tudes: We received a call from a panicked bride explaining how she bought her Kelly Faetanini gown and paid a deposit with this salon. However, out of the blue, the salon owner went completely MIA. Her wedding was in 2 months and the store was supposed to have her come in for a fitting that week. After relentless phone calls and emails to the store and no response, the bride panicked and called us directly.


Thank goodness! At Kelly Faetanini, we pride ourselves with working with only the BEST bridal partners in the industry so we were obviously appalled at the situation. We scoured through our system to check for the brides order and found no record -- You could literally feel the brides heart sink on the phone. So we put on our red cape and came to the rescue!


Without a blink, we immediately called our production team and told them what happened. Within 2 hours of nonstop phone calls to all departments at Kelly Faetanini, we rearranged our entire production schedule to squeeze in the making of the brides gown to be expedited and made in two weeks. Our entire team worked overtime to make it happen because they all believe in our values to always take care of our brides.


The dress was overnighted to our warehouse for final inspection and the entire team worked relentlessly to get the bride's dress turned around within that day.

The bride received her gown 4 weeks before her wedding with just enough time for alterations. The overwhelming joy and relief she felt is what we live for. At the end of the day, it's always about our brides despite any situation.


We want you to know you can reach out to us directly if you ever experience less than quality customer service somewhere else. Our rockstar sales team can be reached at info@kellyfaetanini.com if you are worried something is not right with the order you placed. We're not happy until that dress fits you like a glove and your groom is speechless! Let's be honest -- he WILL be.


As a Kelly Faetanini bride, we know how important your family is to you and since you're now family to us, you're pretty special! We hope you will join our Facebook Group to connect with other Kelly brides to start conversations related to wedding planning, ideas, and to get any help you may need no matter where in the world you are! We're here for you!


Xoxo, Team Kelly