YCS x Kelly Faetanini for Breast Cancer Awareness

YCS x Kelly Faetanini for Breast Cancer Awareness

YCS x Kelly Faetanini for Breast Cancer Awareness. Mobile Image

Oct 29, 2018


Earlier this month the Young Survivor Coalition celebrated 20 years here in NYC at the Weylin in Brooklyn, NY. For those unaware of YSC, this incredible organization provides resources, connection, and outreach to women under 35 diagnosed with breast cancer. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it was only fitting that we cheer to all they do and to all the amazing survivors!


Hitting close to home for the KF family, Kellys grandmother lost her battle with breast cancer at a young age. It was through the tradition of sewing that her grandmother passed down from generation to generation that sparked Kellys passion to design wedding dresses. At Kelly Faetanini LLC we believe in paying it forward and raising awareness of causes that matter.


To support the YSC, we are thrilled to share that these two gorgeous brides-to-be (pictured below with Kelly) are both going to be 2019 Kelly Faetanini brides! Despite all theyve been through, these gorgeous survivors have the best attitudes and prettiest smiles. We are honored to play a small role in what the YSC does for its community and will be working with Katie and Christina to design their dream wedding dresses in the coming months. Stay tuned for a fun blog series that well be sharing to document the process!


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