KF Bride Jennie in EDEN | Xavier Navarro Photography


Join us for a dreamy journey to France! Picture a romantic chateau with manicured gardens, gilded candelabras, and opulent florals on a lavender-scented evening. A string duo plays lively classical music while you sip champagne and peruse a lavish cheese station under a canopy of crystal chandeliers. Every detail is tasteful, effortless, and stylish. There’s just something about the rich, debonair culture that gives French weddings an enchanted edge.


Even if you can’t make it to France for your wedding, you can infuse its fashionable, royal roots into your wedding style. We’ve paired three classic gown styles with the best of French-inspired themes to help your one-of-a-kind vision. Que c’est beau!




From Michelin starred menus, charming cobbled streets, and alluring hotel interiors the City of Paris offers unrivaled romance around every corner. Your venue will likely be sumptuously detailed, luxurious, and chic, so your gown should be, too. Choose a gown with detailing like a modern lace, unexpected “WOW” details like ALESSANDRA’s feathers, and fashion-forward silhouettes. Paris isn’t for the faint of heart—your gown should be bold and stately.


Pro Tip: Don’t be overshadowed by the City of Lights—choose a gown with beading, metallic thread, or subtle sequins to capture the sparkle of the evening for yourself!


Above: ALESSANDRA | Kelly Faetanini Amalfi Collection / Adair | Kelly Faetanini Carousel Collection / JOAN | Kelly Faetanini Marilyn Collection




Countryside celebrations take place primarily outside so consider the natural surroundings as a major part of your overall vision. Delicate lace details and organic, illusion silhouettes will connect with the natural, unstructured elements of your surroundings. Just like your florals, your gown should feel like it was freshly snipped from the garden or fields like the fresh floral lace on  TILLY.


Pro tip: Long veils and layered gowns will be able to take advantage of the wind for stunning outdoor photo opportunities that capture the movement of the fabrics for a fairy-tale effect.


Above: SERAFINA | Kelly Faetanini Amalfi Collection / TILLY | Kelly Faetanini Carousel Collection / SUSAN | Marilyn Collection by Kelly Faetanini




Striking the perfect balance of historical romance and elegance understatements, chateau weddings are all about complementing, not fighting, the luxe interiors so be sure to style yourself to the formality of the venue. Mikado fabrics are from royal originals and classic crepes provide a regal, understated elegance. Dining the formal spaces? Get your ballgown on, ma chérie, and waltz into your fairy-tale affair.


Pro Tip: Ask your venue host to provide a “texture mood board”—not just room photos—to help you embrace the vibes of vintage textiles and ornate wallpapers as you select your gown. Brocades (like MONROE) are perfect for these pairings. 


Above: GABRIELLA | Kelly Faetanini Amalfi Collection / BLYTHE | Kelly Faetanini Carousel Collection / MONROE | Marilyn Collection by Kelly Faetanini