Behind the Design Process With Kelly

Behind the Design Process With Kelly


Having discovered the world of weddings at the age of 18, our incredible designer Kelly Faetanani knew it was her calling. As she put it, there was nothing else in her life that could compare! Here's a look at Kelly's design process, vision, and passion for crafting beautiful bridal gowns.



Creating wedding gowns is just one part of Kelly's design process. For her, it’s about making a difference and truly impacting the world. She knew she had to step up and create a brand that truly cared about each and every bride. Simply put, she didn’t want the focus to be on the “sale” of the dress. Anyone can design and sell wedding gowns, but not everyone has the heart and soul that Kelly does. 


Modern brides can choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes in her designs. In addition to creating classic styles, Kelly creates dramatic and romantic styles as well. No matter what style a bride chooses, each and every gown is crafted with the utmost detail and movement in mind. She loves working with all sorts of fabrics, including chiffon, lace, satin, embroidered tulle, mikado, organza, crepe, and many more. From fit and flares to A-lines and sheaths, there’s so much to choose from. Kelly also ensures that every gown is customizable, giving every bride the opportunity to choose elements of her own dress. You can choose your sleeves, fabric and even the color. 


Creating a better wedding experience for our bride is the cornerstone of everything we do at Kelly Faetanini. In addition to making sure she's completely satisfied with her dress, we want her to feel like we're there for her every step of the way. We want our brides to feel like they aren't just a sale, but part of the Kelly Faetanini family.

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