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Unboxing and Gown Care

What should I expect to receive in the box?

Inside the box, each gown will be covered in garment bags and there is a separate bag with any veils being sent. An additional bag contains a measuring tape, fashion clips, and silk flowers. 

How should I unpack the box?

Please unpack the box by hanging the gowns in their garment bags in a place that is safe from pets, small children, and smoke. This will give the fabrics an opportunity to relax and settle before trying them on. Set aside the shipping box since you’ll need that to package the gowns back up to be returned.

The box and/or gowns arrived damaged! What do I do?

If the package or any of the gowns have been damaged in transit please call us immediately at 224-255-0110 ext. 6 for assistance.

Virtual Appointment Aids

How long is the Virtual Appointment and what we will do?

Your virtual appointment will last about an hour by recorded Zoom meeting with your Kelly Faetanini consultant. During the video session we will try on each gown for fit and style, talk about the unique features of each selection, and discuss any customization requests. We will take your measurements, talk about styling with accessories, and answer any and all questions you may have. 

What do I need to have with me during the appointment?

You don’t need much more than a positive attitude to have a successful appointment! That being said, if you have someone you trust that will provide honest feedback and a helping hand it’s great to have some emotional support. Also, think about what else you’d like to wear on your wedding day.


We recommend that you try to have shoes that the height that you plan to wear on your wedding day so we can get the most accurate measurements. Do you have an heirloom veil or special jewelry? Shapewear that makes you feel great? Bring them all, too! 


It is also helpful to have a sports bra or tight-fitting t-shirt and yoga pants handy. After we’ve tried on the gowns we’ll take your measurements together with your helper.

How to I take measurements?

With assistance from your helper, we will take your chest, hip, and bust measurements and measure for your hollow-to-hem. We include a measuring tape in the package to make this easy! Our consultants are trained to guide your helper through the measurement process, and we’ll be online with you to ensure it’s done right.


When it comes time to order your gown, we’ll use your measurements to select the proper pattern size to order. If split sizes or custom measurements are required to make the gown fit best, we will discuss the best options on our call.

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