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Top 5 Tips for Being A Great Virtual Wedding Guest

KF Bride Allie in PHOEBE | Photos: IG/ | Venue: La Villa KC

So you are invited to a virtual wedding ceremony? This isn’t your everyday Zoom call! While the experience may be new to you, it is an honor to witness the union of two loved ones even through a digital medium. To maintain the excitement, solemnity, and mood of the occasion, we have compiled five etiquette tips to help you be the best virtual wedding guest you can be!

1) Prepare for the Occasion

When you receive a digital invitation with a link to a platform like Zoom or Go To Meetings, be sure to install any necessary software well ahead of time. On the day of, do a system check 5 to 10 minutes before the wedding starts. Check for audio, video, and internet connectivity errors to avoid being late. Be online and ready before the program starts so the focus is on the couple’s arrival–not yours.

2) Dress Up for Your Digital Appearance

 Get yourself gussied up to look the part of a proper guest. Adjust your camera to a well-lit, well-organized spot. Don yourself with proper guest attire to show your hosts respect for the honor of attending their special day.  You might want to add a few decorations in line with the theme of the affair (just don’t go overboard and steal their thunder). 

3) Offer Your Undivided Attention

As the wedding starts, make the event your top priority. With your audio checked and yourself muted, put everything else aside just as you would if you were there in person. While you may have an excuse to take on other chores when you are doing business at home, a wedding is an important once-in-a-lifetime event worth being fully engaged as a participant.

4) Avoid Recruiting Extra Guests

Even though it’s a digital gathering, your hosts have surely handpicked their guest list. Unless you were invited as a family or with a “plus one” it is respectful not to bring extra viewers to the occasion. Virtual weddings are even more intimate than many in-person events, so avoid adding another person to the crowd without the couple’s invitation. 

5) Only Share with Permission

You may be allowed to wish the couple congratulations through some social media platforms as the event proceeds, but only do so with the couple’s permission. Recording or live streaming without consent is a big no-no, but if you are given permission be sure to only share images and videos that are flattering and do the event justice. When in doubt–just ask! 

Ready to Plan your Own Virtual Wedding?

Just because you are having your wedding on the web does not mean you have to compromise your style. You still can be that gorgeous, phenomenal bride you wish to be and we’re here to help! Contact a local Kelly Faetanini Retailer or explore our Try at Home options for your big, digital day!



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