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5 Tips for Replanning Your Wedding During COVID-19

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We know things have been tough lately. While we’re keeping our first responders, healthcare heroes, and essential workers top of mind, our brides are our #1 priority and we’re coming up with new ways (daily!) to help support you during this challenging time. Trust us: challenge accepted.

Many of you have had to postpone your wedding. Some of you proceeded anyways with your scheduled nuptials following social distancing guidelines and decided to wed without all of your friends and family present. For those of you in the process of replanning your wedding, here are 5 tips to remind you that we’re all in this together and we’re here to support in every way we can. Alexa, start playing High School Musical!

1. Remember that You are Not Alone

The entire world is affected by the virus. We all have to do the best we can during this time. Have a question? Get in touch! Use this time to deepen your connection to your soon-to-be spouse and loved ones.

2. Be Flexible

Information regarding the virus is constantly changing and updating. A plan B might not be super clear cut right now, but be open to new ideas and timelines.

3. Work with Experienced Planners

No one is exactly sure how to tackle the issues at hand. Working with a professional in the wedding industry can relieve stress while taking a few things off your plate.

Bride and groom on their wedding day
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Bride in fit and flare wedding gown walking down the aisle
Brittany Bays Photography for Mansion Hill Bridal

4. Know the Situation is Out of Your Control 

There is no definite answer to when life will go back to normal. Focus on the things in life that you can control. You WILL have the wedding of your dreams, it just might not go exactly according to plan when you originally planned it.

5. Use your Free Time to Get Inspired

You have extra time to perfect your big day even more! Think about how well you will be prepared. Make a Pinterest board and start daydreaming.

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