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Don’t Forget These Wedding Day Essentials!

Calling all brides-to-be! Are you the checklist type? if so, we’ve got the list for you! It’s easy to get caught up in all the wedding planning stuff that you forget about the little things for the actual day of the wedding. For real — it happens! Check out these wedding essentials that you won’t want to be without before saying “I do.” And happy planning!

 Photo: Iron & Honey Photo: Iron & Honey

Health & Wellness

  • You want to make sure your teeth are sparkling white throughout your entire wedding day. Be sure you have a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash readily available. If you’re feeling unsure that your teeth aren’t look pearly white, look into whitening strips to use the morning of your wedding.
  • It’s normal to be a little nervous the morning of the big day. If your stomach is feeling uneasy, pack a travel bottle of antacids to ease the butterflies. This happens too! And it’s okay.
  • Tissues are a wedding-day must-have. If you exchange notes with your spouse-to-be before walking down the aisle, it’s very common to shed a few tears and you wouldn’t want to ruin your makeup. Look into tissue packs, like these ones here, for yourself and for those in your wedding party as well.


  • Whether you do a trial hair test before the wedding or not, have a reliable holding hair spray and extra bobby pins for any loose strands just in case! You never know what Mother Nature has up her sleeve…
  • It can be normal for your skin to become dry with all the normal pre-wedding stresses. Find a trustworthy lotion, like this brand, to ensure your skin has a moisturizing glow throughout the entire day.
  • Even if you’re planning on getting your makeup done by a professional, it’s important to have those product essentials with you for quick touch-ups in the bathroom. You can never go wrong with a dependable waterproof mascara that will hold up to all of the happy tears or keep your lipstick or gloss in your pocket! PS many of our gowns have pockets!

“Just In Case” Items

  • Whether your dress is strapless, has thin straps or is off-the-shoulder, you’re going to want to invest in a comfortable and reliable strapless bra, such as this one – one that you won’t even be able to notice while you’re walking down the aisle.
  • No matter what type of shoe you’ve decided to wear, walking around, posing for pictures and we can’t forget dancing, can cause blisters. Pack a few blister band aids, such as these, to avoid the need to toss your shoes off.
  • In case your dress or one of the bridesmaids’ dresses gets a small tear or snag in it, be sure to have a travel sewing kit on hand for those last-minute fixes. Some bustles have a small thread or button that could easily come loose.

It’s important to plan what items you’ll need on your big day in advance, so you’re not running around the morning of. The list of wedding essentials will vary from bride to bride, so think of items and products that will make the entire day a success without any added stresses!

xoxo, Team KF



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