Kelly Faetanini


Like Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth, my Macbeth gown is bold, strong, and fearless. Featuring 30 yards of delicate, airy black ostrich feathers in the lush skirt, this dramatic wedding dress is truly a work of art.

In this ostrich feather wedding dress, all eyes are on you! Macbeth’s beauty commands the attention of everyone in the room. Every step creates ripples as air circulates through the feathers, almost as if the ostrich feather wedding gown is a living, breathing entity.

The dominant skirt is balanced with a simple Mikado silk bodice that creates a stark yet incredibly pleasing contrast. The sweetheart neckline provides softness, and curved seams along the length of the bodice slim the waist.

Macbeth is a gown for rock star brides who dare to be different.

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